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Pastels in Plein Air Over Arizona

Recently, I traveled with a dear friend, Peg Vasil, to Arizona.  Peg has been to the Sedona area several times and so was familiar with all of the best spots to see and paint. It was a wonderful time with a chance to paint every day.  The “red rocks” of Sedona is one of the most beautiful landmarks I’ve visited and an artist never lacks for subject matter.  In fact, the whole town is noted for its art.  Why, you can even eat at “Picasso Pizza” with their slogan “Where Pizza is Art”.  I highly recommend it!
“Cathedral Rocks” was painted during our stay in Sedona, Arizona in May of this year.
Cathedral Rocks - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Cathedral Rocks – 9 X 12 – Pastel
This next painting was a plein air piece painted from the balcony of our room high above Sedona. It was a chance to paint the evening sunlight on those gorgeous red rocks.
Balcony View - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Balcony View – 9 X 12 – Pastel
 Also interesting to paint was a rock formation called Coffee Pot Rock, named for it’s resemblance to a coffee pot.  However, certain times of the day, when the light hit the rocks, Peg and I thought it resembled the profile of an Indian more than a coffee pot.  At any rate, it was still fun to paint.
Coffee Pot Rock - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Coffee Pot Rock – 9 X 12 – Pastel
After a couple of days painting in Sedona and visiting some art galleries we traveled on up to the Grand Canyon. Plenty of painting there! It was hard to make up my mind what to paint first!
The weather was cool, windy, but sunny.  We painted among the tourists and always had plenty of onlookers who seemed to enjoy watching us in our efforts to capture another one of God’s beautiful masterpieces!  The next couple scenes are painted from the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
The Colorado River - 9 X 12 - Pastel
The Colorado River – 9 X 12 – Pastel
Distant Haze - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Distant Haze – 9 X 12 – Pastel

All of the art work is approximately 9 X 12 inches painted in pastel.  If you’re interested in purchasing a sketch painted on location or a finished piece from my studio please send me a request on my Contact page.

View Sharon Weaver’s Plein Air Portfolio

Plein Air Painting on the Farm

A few weeks ago, on a lovely June afternoon, Sharon hosted a plein air day at her farm in Mid-Ohio. “Artists love the camaraderie while painting outdoors,” she said.  “We encourage and gain inspiration from nature and one another.” Even Pepper, Chuck & Sharon’s canine companion, watched eagerly, hoping to inspire one of the artists by posing a short distance away while the artists worked.

Plein Air On the Farm
Linda McKenna and Jane Johnson join Sharon for a plein air day on the farm.


Making a Plein Air Masterpiece – Maybe

Sharon painted three plein airs that day. Plein air paintings are a study of nature and light and are not meant to be finished works of art. Not all plein airs turn out as the artist intends because they are quick sketches. “But, occasionally,” Sharon said, “one will be a keeper!” Of course, all her plein airs are for sale. And sometimes she even sells them on site. On that day, one of her paintings did turn out very nice with a beautiful display of afternoon light on the old milk barn.

View Sharon Weaver’s Plein Air Portfolio

Contact Sharon to purchase a plein air painting from her collection.

Steps for Creating Plein Air Paintings

Last week, Sharon spent three days outdoors in a Debra Joyce Dawson workshop  to enhance her plein air painting skills. Sharon has been painting en plein air since 2007 and encourages anyone who loves painting to give it a try.

What is plein air painting?

En plein air is a French term for painting outdoors. Translated literally it means: “in the open air”.  Plein air painting came out of the French Impressionists period in the late 19th century, and has endured in America until today.

Sharon states, “The idea for plein air is to do a quick painting outdoors, then use it as a reference for a larger work in studio.”  Wind Swept is an example of a painting created from a plein air piece.

Wind Swept from a plein air painting.
“Wind Swept” is available as a print and as other merchandise (throw pillow shown) on Sharon Weaver – Fine Art America.

Steps for Creating a Plein Air Painting

  1. Begin by drawing a value sketch of your chosen scene in pencil or black marker limiting your values to 2 or 3.
  2. Transfer drawing to canvas and mass in the drawing with a large brush using middle values.
    TIP: Be sure to use lighter values than the scene appears.
  3. Cover the surface as quickly as you can with these middle values.
  4. Once canvas is covered begin pushing and pulling colors and values, adjusting as you go, till finished.

 At the Plein Air Workshop

Deb Dawson at her Plein Air Workshop
Debra Dawson demonstrating in her workshop. 
Sharon outdoors plein air painting.
Sharon outdoors plein air painting.

View Sharon’s plein air portfolio.

Contact Sharon for more information about purchasing a plein air painting from her portfolio.

Decorate with Fine Art without Breaking the Bank

Do you find shopping for fine art depressing? Your home is your sanctuary. You want it to be beautiful and give your guests a sense of who you are and what you love. But original fine art – whether it be an oil painting, watercolor, or pastel – is usually unaffordable.

Wind Swept Pillow
Wind Swept Pillow

Why not purchase prints instead? At Fine Art America prints can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of the original work of art. You can decide if you want to buy the print already framed or purchase a frame later on. Other products are also available, such as throw pillows, iPhone accessories, and greeting cards.

Fine art animal prints or landscape throw pillows make great gifts, especially to yourself!

White Tiger
White Tiger

Sharon Weaver has animal paintings like “White Tiger”, landscapes, plein air, and portraits available through Fine Art America. And she is adding more each week. Contact Sharon to learn more about ordering her artwork online.


Purchase Sharon’s Artwork on Fine Art America.

New Galion Art Gallery Hosts The Merry Month of May

The Merry Month of May Art Show

The new Brush and Palette Art Gallery located on Galion, Ohio’s historic Cider Alley is hosting “The Merry Month of May” art show from May 8th to May 30th. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6:00pm. With an artist reception to meet the 15 area artists on Saturday, May 9th between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Sharon with "In Angel Hands" at Brush and Palette Art Gallery
Sharon’s “In Angel Hands” on display.

Sharon Weaver, a five year member of the Brush and Palette Art Club, will be displaying two of her plein air paintings and a pet portrait titled “Fat Cat”.  A framed print of her landscape painting, “In Angel Hands” is on display as part of the gallery’s co-op space. “In Angel Hands” prints are available for $25USD.

 The Beginnings of the New Art Gallery

The Brush and Palette Art Club has been around since 1960. The club has hosted many art shows over the years at community events like Galion’s Oktoberfest or places like Kingwood Center. A few months ago, club members agreed it was time for their own gallery. Coordinated by club members Carol Kable, Della Kaple, Diane Bell, Mo Taylor and many others the Brush and Palette Art Gallery was born.

You must be a member of the art club to display works in the art gallery’s co-op space, but coordinators plan to showcase other groups in special art showings like “The Merry Month of May” Art Show. Currently, in the works, is a June showing of the Crawford County Arts Council.

Carol Kable at B&P Art Gallery
Carol Kable at B&P Gallery

Della Kaple, artist, club Newsletter Chairperson, and gallery volunteer, wants the community to know “this is not an exclusive club”. She encourages anyone to stop by the gallery and ask about becoming a member. “The mission of the Brush and Palette Art Club,” said Carol Kable,  club Publicity Chairperson, “is to promote and encourage the enjoyment of art in the community.”

Paintings, Portraits, Sculpture, Pottery, and More

The Gallery plans to offer classes by club members which will cover many types of artwork, such as jewelry, sculpture, painting, fiber art, and pottery. If you are interested in art classes, stop by the art gallery or call them at 419-468-2944 to find out more. The gallery’s art shows and art classes will be announced in area papers like Galion, Crestline, and the Mansfield News Journal.

Mo at B&P Art Gallery
Mo at B&P Gallery

Directions to the Brush and Palette Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is located between Market Street and Columbus Street in the rear of 114 Harding Way East in Galion.

Send Sharon a message for more information.