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Holiday Extravaganza with Brush and Palette

The Brush & Palette Art Gallery is hosting a Holiday Extravaganza from November 5th until December 23rd. There will be original holiday themed paintings and hand-made gifts for sale. Items include paintings large and small, prints, jewelry, wine glasses, greeting cards, painted rocks, decorated boxes and more!

Come meet the artists on Friday, November 6th between 5pm and 8pm. More information can be found on the Brush and Palette website or find them on facebook at Brush and Palette Art Gallery.

Feliz Navidad - OIL - 11 x 14
Feliz Navidad – OIL – 11 x 14

Sharon’s painting “Feliz Navidad” will be on display and available for purchase. The price is $150.00 USD.

Directions to the Brush and Palette Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is located between Market Street and Columbus Street in the rear of 114 Harding Way East in Galion.


View Sharon Weaver’s Still Life Portfolio

Learn to Paint Using Personal Connections

Often Sharon selects subjects with which she has a personal connection.  By doing so, she has a greater desire to “get the painting right.”  “My Father’s Rose” is one such painting.

Learn to Paint Using the right subject like My Father's Rose
My Father’s Rose – Watercolor – 9×12 – Available

Sharon chose to paint a still life of her father’s yellow roses. He loved tending his flower garden, especially his rose bush. Sharon has always felt a special connection with her father’s favorite flowers because he lived in Texas for a few years and also, the yellow rose reminds her of one of her favorite movies “The Yellow Rose of Texas” staring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

Learn to Paint and Immortalize Your Past

Painting or drawing something that has personal meaning will bring out the passion in the work of art. If you are learning to paint, Sharon recommends using a subject that means something special to you. A subject that has meaning to a new artist will keep his/her interest and create a desire to finish the piece.  And when its finished the artist will have a beautiful painting that will last forever.

“My Father’s Rose” is available for purchase.  Contact Sharon for more information.

Purchase a print of YELLOW ROSE for as little as $22.35.

Celebrate Community Arts at Brush & Palette Gallery

From June 13th to June 30th, the Brush & Palette Art Gallery will host the Crawford County Arts Council in their June show.  Members of the Arts Council featured in the show will be available for a “Meet and Greet” on Friday, June 12th from 4 to 8pm. Regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6pm.

Sharon's "Sunlit" at Crawford County Arts Council Show
Sharon’s “Sunlit” at Crawford County Arts Council Show

Sharon’s “Fat Cat” and “Sunlit” will be on display as part of the show. Both originals are available for purchase. Or you can purchase either in print format from Fine Art America.

Studio - Fat Cat - Acrylic - 9x12 - Available
Studio – Fat Cat – Acrylic – 9×12 – Available
Contact Sharon for more information about purchasing her originals of  FAT CAT or SUNLIT.

Community Arts in Crawford County, Ohio

The Crawford County Arts Council was organized by community artists in 2013. Its purpose is to strengthen the community through the arts.  Sharon, a member of the council, is excited to be a part of an organization that promotes and supports all art forms, including music and theater as well as drawing and painting.

In addition to paintings, CCAC members will have pottery on display in the Brush & Palette Art Show.

Directions to the Brush and Palette Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is located between Market Street and Columbus Street in the rear of 114 Harding Way East in Galion.

Working at the Gallery

You don’t need to wait for a special “meet and greet” date to talk to local artists. The Brush & Palette Art Gallery is staffed by club members during regular hours: Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6pm. Stop by anytime to chat with artists, view the special shows, and check out gallery members’ artwork. You might find something you can’t live without or sign up for an interesting class to learn how to express your creative talent!

Promoting community arts at Brush & Palette Art Gallery
Promoting community arts at Brush & Palette Art Gallery


Purchase a print of FAT CAT  or SUNLIT for as little as $22.35.


Steps for Creating Plein Air Paintings

Last week, Sharon spent three days outdoors in a Debra Joyce Dawson workshop  to enhance her plein air painting skills. Sharon has been painting en plein air since 2007 and encourages anyone who loves painting to give it a try.

What is plein air painting?

En plein air is a French term for painting outdoors. Translated literally it means: “in the open air”.  Plein air painting came out of the French Impressionists period in the late 19th century, and has endured in America until today.

Sharon states, “The idea for plein air is to do a quick painting outdoors, then use it as a reference for a larger work in studio.”  Wind Swept is an example of a painting created from a plein air piece.

Wind Swept from a plein air painting.
“Wind Swept” is available as a print and as other merchandise (throw pillow shown) on Sharon Weaver – Fine Art America.

Steps for Creating a Plein Air Painting

  1. Begin by drawing a value sketch of your chosen scene in pencil or black marker limiting your values to 2 or 3.
  2. Transfer drawing to canvas and mass in the drawing with a large brush using middle values.
    TIP: Be sure to use lighter values than the scene appears.
  3. Cover the surface as quickly as you can with these middle values.
  4. Once canvas is covered begin pushing and pulling colors and values, adjusting as you go, till finished.

 At the Plein Air Workshop

Deb Dawson at her Plein Air Workshop
Debra Dawson demonstrating in her workshop. 
Sharon outdoors plein air painting.
Sharon outdoors plein air painting.

View Sharon’s plein air portfolio.

Contact Sharon for more information about purchasing a plein air painting from her portfolio.

Country Paintings For Sale at Henne’s

This month, Sharon Weaver has two country themed paintings on display at Henne’s Drafting and Art Supply. Stop by Henne’s store at 110 W. Third in Mansfield, Ohio before the end of May to view them.

Country Paintings Available at Henne’s

Old Hunter – 16 x 10 – Oil is available for $550 USD.

Old Hunter - country paintings
Old Hunter

Maria – 11 X 14 – Oil is available for $200 USD.

Maria - country paintings

View more country themed paintings in Sharon’s Studio Work portfolio.

Email Henne for Purchase Information.
Directions to Henne’s Drafting and Art Supply